George Washingmachine "Feel The Manouche"

Feel The Manouche1

On Thursday 15th February, the Down South Jazz Club is delighted to bring to the stage of Club Sapphire, George Washingmachine’s “Feel the Manouche”. Tickets $15 for Jazz Club members and $20 for Non Jazz Club members. For bookings and enquiries phone 6495 9853.


George Washingmachine, who is Russian born, has had a vast and varied career in the entertainment business. As a child he trained for seven years as a classical violinist, leaving that behind to form a rhythm and blues band as guitarist, until 1984, when he moved to Sydney and started playing jazz fiddle with The Conway Brothers Hiccup Orchestra. George and his band are once again doing another national tour with “Feel the Manouche”. Manouche is a term derived from the Romany gypsies of Europe, what we in Australia call gypsy jazz. This fine band has been put together by its individual members as an exercise in small group swing and George has toured extensively overseas with it. Feel the Manouche has a 'world music' feel. Through its use of double bass, guitar, accordion & fiddle, the band achieves a strong melodic groove that can take on gypsy waltzes, swing jazz, and many other flavours of music from our diverse planet.

Clare O’Meara is a professional musician from Sydney with a career spanning the last two decades.  She is a multi-instrumentalist/songwriter and artist in her own right and brings fiddle, piano accordion and harmonies to the line-up. She has toured and recorded with virtually all Australian contemporary music artists and bands both nationally and internationally (too many to include in this bio) including appearances at every major music festival and many TV appearances.

Guitarists AGuitarists Arthur and Jerry Washington, happen to be George’s two sons. Arthur apparently told the press he became “obsessed” with the guitar when he broke his knee in Year 7. He has been described as “displaying very impressive skills on the guitar” and we look forward to hearing him again.

Jerry is a young gun on the jazz guitar and the backbone of the rhythm section (think Freddy Green). He is an artist and has taken part in various group shows.

Stan Valacos has played regularly with different groups led by Geoff Bull, along with the Paul Furniss trio and other combinations. He is in high demand by most leading musicians on the Sydney jazz scene. At the Southern Highlands Classic Jazz and Ragtime Festival he played with three top musicians - Geoff Bull, Paul Furniss and Anthony Howe. Stan also plays 7-string guitar in a Brazilian Band called “Performing Brazil”. He has played at the Ascona Jazz Festival in USA and also joined the Society Syncopators for several gigs in Europe prior to appearing for the Down South Jazz Club in July 2008 with the Geoff Bull Jazz Band.

We invite you to sit back and 'Feel the Manouche'. This will be an exceptional night of jazz and one not to be missed. Bookings can be made with Aileen/Kevin Walsh (64959853), at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or will be available on the night at the door.